Monday, November 24, 2008

Naming horses... Get real.

This Craigslist ad makes me nuts...

Besides the mare being unsound and poorly conformed the owner is referencing stallions that are at least 3 but mostly 4 generations back.

Clabber - Foaled 1936
Moon Deck - Foaled 1950
Docs Remedy - Foaled 1973
Docs Hotrodder - Foaled 1963

First off... None of the horses in this mare's background have done anything recently and stallions that have been diluted by 8 shouldn't be counted at all.

Secondly, I'm sick and tired of any horse with any of the following in their name: Doc, Poco, Deck, and Leo. These horses are so, so very dead they don't even stink anymore. Any quarter horse worth it's salt has one or more of these stallions in their lineage.

It just drives me nuts when someone names their horse based on names of horses that we'd have to use the way-back machine to see.


This mare is super flashy and bred up the ying yang. She has everything from Clabber, Moon Deck, Docs Remidy, Docs Hotrodder and more. She is all cow on top and all running on the bottom. She is Blood Bay with a star and no other white, Nice thick mane and tail, stands 16 hh and about 1200 lbs. She has had 2 foals and both were awesome, tall and friendly. Have her last filly at the house so you can see her. She is a great mommy lets you handle the foal with no problem, she carries very good and foals out with easy. She is a easy breeder no hobbles needed. She is open for 2009 and can breed her to my Homozygous Tobiano Stallion for free or leave her open. She has mild navicular in her right front. But with corrective shoes she is ok for light riding. She is safe and sane. My 3 yr old can ride her around the round pen and she is a great baby sitter. She is a very sweet mare and her babies are the same way.
I will take offers for her un-bred but if you want her bred then my price is firm. To view her pedigree:
First picture is her and the second is her filly this year. To see stallion she can be bred to in the spring of 2009 go to under the Stallion Page!!

Please e-mail if you have any questions. Thanks!!

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