Friday, November 23, 2007

For my boys in Costa Rica

Just so you know, I got high speed internet on Wednesday morning. It’s sweet. I spent nearly all day cruising the net. I wasted a lot of time looking at horse videos on You Tube. It is a blessing and a curse. I did get out and shop early enough to beat out the last minute frantic Thanksgiving (TG) shoppers. Your dad helped out by buying some fennel bulbs for the smoked salmon chowder I’m making for Saturday.

On Wednesday, Aunt Beverly got to G-ma Marty’s and G-pa Laird’s at about 5:00. I had asked G-ma to call when she arrived but she didn’t. I finally got curious at about 7:00 and called over there. Bev said I should come and visit. So your dad and I loaded up and went over (with a couple bottles of wine, etc.)

By the time I got there, G-ma Marty and Aunt Bev had consumed a bit of sweet wine and G-pa Laird and Ken were down fooling with computers (Ken finally got G-pa Lairds flight simulation program working). Your dad, stayed up with the women folk and got treated to the standard bawdy feminine banter. When Ken and G-pa Laird come upstairs, G-ma Marty brought out the Souza tequila. While I stuck with beer and wine, Bev and Marty were drinking tequila shots.

Somewhere in the course of the evening, I called Chuck and Alice and invited Bev, Ken, G-ma Marty and G-pa Laird to their house for TG dinner. Very drunk older female relatives of course, had egged me on.

Your dad hauled a very drunk wife home. I hit the pillow at about 11:30 and was out for the count.

The next morning I got up and started cooking pies and prepping for the “other Thanksgiving” dinners. Your father helped out a lot. I got the apple pies done, the crusts done for the pumpkin pies, and the 8 lb beef roast encrusted in Dijon herb crust. Then I headed out to G-ma Marty’s to help with the mock chicken leg (MCL).

Your dad had to finish his pumpkin pies and load the roast into the oven at 2:00 and he did a great job (he also got to go on a bike ride while I was working at G-ma Marty’s but hey, it’s a start).

Your dad took a sweet picture of Polly sleeping in the sun.

At G-ma Marty’s I discovered that she and Bev were a bit worse for the wear. The night before, G-ma Marty fell down, hit her head, lay there laughing and peeing her pants while G-pa Laird stood over her concerned. Because of this, they backed out of the dinner invitation but for some reason G-ma Marty kept delaying calling Chuck and Alice to tell them so.

In the meantime, Tommy, Bev’s son who had arrived from Phoenix sometime after I left the evening prior, came down from a nap. He was disturbed that TG plans had been nixed and I told him to come anyway.

While making mock chicken leg, I realized that I hadn’t made the sweet potato biscuits that I promised to make. So I squirted home and jammed the sweet potatoes into the microwave and realized that I would make it but we’d be late. In the meantime you’re dad got home from his bike ride and promptly fell asleep. He did, however, suggest that I was being a bit too anal about the biscuits and that we could bring the Monterey Baking Co. sourdough bread that he bought recently. I wanted some sweet potato biscuits though so it was a done deal.

We arrived at Chuck and Alice’s about 50 minutes late and Tommy had already arrived. DLPG was enamored with him already because “he looks just like me.” [insert eye rolling here] Although the initial greeting was stiff, DLPG was on good behavior although T1 and T2 weren’t too better... or worse either.

William was his typical whiney self and Alexandra was having a blast with Rita, who is Alexandra’s new idol.

Dinner went along relatively well with Whiney William disrupting things. The roast was a little overdone, but the flavor was good. Otherwise, we were all having a good time and weren’t too drunk when I discovered Chuck showing Mark video clips on the internet. So I watched a few; they were funny vignettes, humorous commercials and comedy skits.

When I got back to the table, Debbie was absent. As I went to sit back down in my chair, Tommy said he and Debbie had just gotten into a spat and I said, “Join the party,” which drew a laugh from those present.

I guess it turns out that Deb, Jim and Tom were talking about respective jobs, businesses etc. and Deb was being condescending to Tom (corroborated by Jim). So Tom let her have it, stating that he felt that she was being condescending and he didn’t appreciate being talked down to. At that point she got up from the table and said she was going to bed. To her credit, she apologized later and Tom said that he was done with it.

All I can say is thank goodness it wasn’t me. Sigh.

I was a bit drunk but not too bad, so this morning I feel fine. I’m not looking forward to this evening because I think that DPLG will wish to discuss the inadequacies of my cousin Tom, but oh well, eh?

I'll post tomorrow with another installment of "Thanksgiving with the Family"