Saturday, March 7, 2009

What men should know about women.

As I think about the man list from my previous post I thought that the photo on the right actually explains it all.

As I am now an "empty nester" I have more time to consider male thought processes. Even though I am old and jaded, I am still dumbfounded by how incredibly stupid men are about how to get women to have sex with them. As an intelligent creature I've pondered this a bit. If I were a man and wanted to have sex with women, who generally aren't as sexually motivated as men, I would endeavor to learn as much as I possibly could about what makes a woman want to have sex. I would earn a friggin' Ph.D. if I had to.

But sadly, in my experience, men seem to want a woman who wants to have sex as though she were a man. He wants her to want to have sex now with no foreplay and to not be bothered if he can't be bothered to bring her satisfaction. Sadly, purveyors of pornography perpetuate this image of the "shemale" sexual being.

Rather than taking any time to consider what it is that motivates a woman, they just sit around a gripe about how hard it is to understand women or complain about how women aren't like men. Here's a news blast for you... if you want to have lots of impersonal and indiscriminate sex with someone go to a gay bar.

Another thing that confuses me is that men expect that any female they want to commit to must be absolutely perfect. A man can be fat, unemployed, poorly dressed, badly groomed with miserable personal hygiene and live with his mother, but the woman he wants to marry must be beautiful, slim, perfectly proportioned with unblemished skin.

She should also want to have sex anytime he wishes and must enjoy oral sex, be a great cook and housekeeper and not mind that he doesn't lift a finger to help out around the house. Also, she should always be responsible for birth control because he's not responsible if she gets pregnant and he didn't want the child.

If you're thinking that I'm an old ugly dried out bitter old hag who never had the chance to have sex, think again. I am old and not as attractive as I used to be but at one time I never had to worry about my next sexual experience. There was always an opportunity. The photo on the left is of me when I was younger and a lot more juicier.

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